Wheel Fun Rentals

While vacationing in Italy in 1987, our founder Brian McInerney came across the 4-wheel multi-passenger Surrey cycle. Having had a long affinity for bicycles, he was so enamored by the Surrey he sought out the manufacturer and purchased a container of them before returning to the States. And that’s how it all got started.

Brian returned and opened his first recreational rental location in Ventura, California. He purchased a small quantity of regular 2-wheel bicycles to round out the rental fleet, but the real star was the Surrey cycle. Every customer (and family) left with a huge smile and a cherished memory.

As time went on some of the tourists who visited that first spot in Ventura wanted to start a similar business back home. A small distribution company came to be that sold Surrey cycles and the necessary replacement parts to keep them running.

Wheel Fun Rentals was established in 1999 when Brian McInerney and Al Stonehouse combined forces. Al’s experience as president of Diamondback bicycles and skills at company growth and systems development helped establish a new direction. By 2001 they had added to the fleet with new unique cycles and had everything in place to begin franchising.

From those humble beginnings, today Wheel Fun Rentals offers dozens of fun and unique recreational items, designed to move you and available from outlets across the entire United States. At Wheel Fun Rentals, “FUN” is our middle name! Great customer service and a lasting memory are still what we strive for with every customer. We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy serving you.

We Were Green Before Green Was Popular

One of the goals in our Corporate Philosophy Statement (created back in the early 90s) reads – “Supporting active healthy lifestyles for our customers and maintaining a healthy environment for all.”

We enjoy creating a more sustainable, beneficial style of life for the communities where we do business and for you, our customers. Offering free rentals to Big Brothers Big Sisters and other non profits is quite rewarding. And we help millions enjoy the outdoors together, getting exercise and fresh air along with the many other quality of life benefits that come from fun and recreation.

And ensuring the generations that follow us have an opportunity to experience the world the way we do today – in some locations we educate about beach and park eco systems offering interpretive tours from our Surreys. In others we operate on solar power minimizing our carbon footprint and mitigating the impact of our business on the environment. We will work to continuously expand these programs with the goal of creating a better quality of life for all.