Sundiver International

Dive with us

Every imaginable dive site from local shipwrecks to blue waters of the outer islands is accessible through our charters. Every diver can find a destination that meets their skill and goals.
Join our charter for the very best in Southern California diving, SUNDIVER style.

Our captains

Captain Ray Arntz and Captain Kyaa Heller create unique dive experiences that match your dive skills.
Since our captains have the most extensive list of dive sites of any charter, we can show you the diversity of southern California waters.

Why dive with us

If you want to experience the best in Southern California SCUBA diving, you’ve come to the right place.
We’re the only dive boat operation in Southern California operating both large and small single and multi-day full-service dive boats. We serve both recreational and professional diving communities.

What will I see?

The diving here is world class with everything to offer from kelp forests to wrecks. Visibility at the islands averages 50 feet and can exceed 100 feet. Swimming through a kelp forest is spectacular. Many compare the experience to flying through a forest of trees with fish instead of birds.

Private charters

Charter the entire boat for one to five special days of private diving for your group. You can visit your favorite dive spots or discover new ones. Groups can have a maximum of 26 passengers for day trips and 22 passengers for overnight and multi-day trips on the Sundiver.

Dive equipment
You can rent all the dive equipment you need from us or bring some or all of your own. We recommend that you wear a 6.5mm wetsuit or a dry suit for best comfort.