SoCal Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding

We are the only school permitted to instruct Kiteboarding at Belmont Shore. It’s the only beach in the Los Angeles and Orange County Area where Kitesurfing Lessons are allowed due to the breakwall that blocks the waves. Our ideal school location makes learning fast and safe, and SoCal Kitesurfing is one of the world’s premiere IKO affiliated Kite Centers using safe and efficient methods. Plus our lesson prices are some of the best around the globe. No wonder we get students from all over the world learning with SoCal Kitesurfing. Come join in the SoCal fun!

Our Kiteschool is at 69 Claremont Place, Belmont Shore in Long Beach CA See MAP

Success made fun- our dedicated team does a lot more than just give lessons. We give the whole kiteboarding experience. Our success program leaves no kiter dangling! Sure you only pay for the lessons, but we will help you find gear, get ongoing support, tips, and intro friends to ride with at our kitespot! Others stall out after their courses. We are committed to your success in becoming an independent and confident rider. We are there when the course is over. Join the SoCal support team of instructors, former students, and friends hanging out and helping each other in the fun and the journey at our SOCAL KITESPOT! That’s the true kiteboarding experience. Then join us on kitesurfing trips in RVs and around the globe on sandy beaches and catamarans! Live the kiter dream!

Better Instruction methods- Only with SoCal does your instructor join you IN THE WATER giving help when you most need it! After you learn kite control on the beach with our patient and detailed system, then its time for the water. Does your instructor put on a wetsuit and help you in the ocean, or will he send you out there in the ocean all by yourself? Will you be out there alone crashing the kite, losing the board, wasting your valuable lesson time? Not with us! We are there WITH YOU so you avoid problems, learn how to handle situations, and most importantly you will feel safe! You will learn WITH your instructor right there at your side giving immediate feedback & problem solving until you have a handle on all water situations. Learn in half the time with our accelerated method saving unnecessary frustration and expense. OK sure it’s a lot more work for us than yelling from the shore as you struggle, but we actually want you to learn safe and fast. We make the effort. Come to the beach, ask around, and watch SoCal teach. We have no doubt you will join us at SoCal Kitesurfing.

Customized to your style- You can move fast or slow depending on your comfort level. Hey, its your lesson! You are the one learning and we are your guide. You set the pace. We won’t hold you back if you are ready, and if you need a little extra TLC, we are with you! Even the most timid will feel safe! We also recognize different learning styles and some want technical info and some just want to jump in. You will learn quicker and better and have more fun doing it your style!

Experienced Certified Staff- We have a consistent proven method that exceeds what you will find elsewhere. Our staff is all IKO certified and we are one of just a few IKO Centers in the USA. What does this mean? While this means you will receive certification from the course, it also means we have quality of the highest standards. We take this global expertise and go a step further. We are the best of the best.

Great Value! All complete lessons packages include an IKO certification card valid worldwide, SoCal Kitesurfing Cap or beenie or Tshirt, & The Kiteboarder Magazine & photo of lesson. Our focus is teaching so trust us to make an honest recommendation and save you money when looking for deals on harnesses, boards, and kites. We have new and used gear available at ’employee prices’ for our students as a courtesy, and to complete your successful entry into the sport, save a bundle.