Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath

Completed in January 1988, the Shoreline Pedestrian/Bicycle Path, also known as Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath, came about when local residents initiated a project to link the city’s existing 29-mile bike path system. Financing for the project came from City Capital Improvement funds that were matched by a grant from the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission grant.

Today, the Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath stretches out for 3.1 miles along the ocean’s edge, following the main beach from Alamitos Bay to Shoreline Village. Its is made concrete, with a width of 17 feet to accommodate two six-foot bicycle lanes, one heading in either direction, along with a single five-foot lane is for pedestrians. The lanes are clearly labeled for cyclists and walkers/runners and marked with directional arrows the entire length.

The Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath can be crowed on weekends, leading some users to describe it as “an obstacle course.” However, there are no billboards or cars, the surface is smooth and bump-free, and skating is allowed as well as jogging and walking. Cyclists are cautioned to be mindful of sand on the path, which has been known to cause skids.

The Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath extends from extending from Alamitos Avenue on the west to 54th Place on the east in Long Beach, California 90802. Skates, bikes, umbrellas, and beach chairs can be rented at Alfredos on the west end of the path.