Shop Local – Shop Long Beach

Shopping in Long Beach can save you time and money with more retail choices to choose from than ever before. Make it a point to shop local. Supporting local businesses is good business, and remember that each dollar spent in Long Beach will support public safety, libraries, parks, infrastructure improvements and helps to create more local jobs.

Shop Local, Shop Long Beach at all the wonderful retailers in our very special Long Beach neighborhoods. From North Long Beach to Belmont Shore, you’re sure to find unique stores with exactly what you need for the holiday season.

Thank you for supporting our retailers!

Why shop in Long Beach?

  • Each time you purchase an item in a Long Beach store, you are helping to provide funding for public safety, parks and libraries.
  • Every dollar spent in a Long Beach store helps to maintain streets, curbs and sidewalks.
  • When you shop in Long Beach you are helping to create new jobs for local businesses.
  • A dollar spent locally ensures a healthy and growing Long Beach economy.
  • Shop at your local neighborhood shopping districts – 4th Street Retro Row, Belmont Shore, Bixby Knolls, Cambodia Town, Downtown Long Beach, and East Anaheim.

It has been said that Long Beach is a community of neighborhoods. Many of these neighborhoods provide retail centers and shopping opportunities for a variety of products and goods. This is a list of some of those retail locations. Shopping locally in Long Beach not only contributes to the health of the community, but also supports small businesses, creating more local jobs.

Retail Locations Address
Alamitos Bay Landing 110 N. Marina Drive
City Place 150-160 Promenade, 4th & 5th Street
Los Altos Gateway 2100-2900 Bellflower Blvd.
Los Altos Market Center – South 2086-2180 Bellflower Blvd.
Los Altos Market Center – North 2270 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach Marketplace 6401-6605 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach Towne Center 7575 Carson Street
Marina Circle Center 2100-2400 East Carson Street
Marina Pacifica Center 6232-6250 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Marina Shores 5200-6350 Pacific Coast Highway
Pike at Rainbow Harbor 6500-6670 Pacific Coast Highway
Shoreline Village Shoreline Village Drive
Spring Street Center SEC Palo Verde Ave./Spring St.
Wrigley Market Place 141-381 E. Willow St.