Pedego Greater Long Beach – Bike Rentals and Tours

We love to share our story, because we believe that the more you learn about us, the more you’ll understand why Pedego electric bikes are such a major force in our lives. The big goal for Pedego Greater Long Beach is simple — one million smiles! Our story as Pedego dealers began when we were Pedego customers. We found Pedego because Brian’s diabetes and Beth’s arthritis impacted our ability to ride ordinary pedal bikes. We could barely go a mile without pain or, in Brian’s case, a severe drop in blood sugar. But all that changed when we discovered electric biking. Pedego bikes put us in control of our workout. We never had to suffer again.

As Pedego customers, we were blown away by the phenomenal service we received from the Pedego company. Those experiences inspired us to deliver that same level of service to our own customers. We’ve made sure that Pedego Greater Long Beach is also known for our many fun and informative activities, including a weekly “Silver Spin” ride for seniors and friends, a monthly Pedego Information seminar, and a host of parties and riding events.